Notes from Ethiopia June 2018

Traveling to Ethiopia fills one with gratitude for all that is possible through physical therapy. In June of this year Rebecca Stephenson and Tracy Spitznagle traveled to Mekelle, Ethiopia. The trip was twofold, one to participate in the medical school collaborative and the second, to provided education to the third cohort of master’s student at Mekelle University.

Highlighting Obstetric Fistulas

Hadiza Soulaye is a young woman from Niger who shared her experience with an obstetric fistula with the New York Times2. She was married off by her parents before she even began her menstrual cycle. Soon she was pregnant. Her labor was obstructed and lasted three days. By the time she was able to get to a center for a C-Section she lost the baby and had a fistula causing her to leak urine. Hadiza’s husband threw her out of the house.