Telling stories works

All media sends a message.

The message matters.

How we express that message matters.

At Shae, our product is creating effective message media. Our message media strategy incorporates diverse communication avenues to intentionally and effectively cause positive change in the global community.

Our bottom line?

We help nonprofits tell their stories more effectively. So they can achieve their mission.

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See What We Do!


The Global Women’s Health Initiative is part of the Shae Foundation - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Created in 2009, Shae is an educational and humanitarian social enterprise with a mission to inspire, develop, and nurture a young, socially-conscious, creative resources community to influence society in positive ways through creative excellence. 


Shae's secret sauce is brings together top creative professionals from the entertainment industry and young documentary filmmakers who work to address urgent global human rights issues.

Shae performs its work with collaborative nonprofit partners.  Experience has proven that compelling stories, dramatically told, will not only increase charitable funding, but also create visible and vocal international pressure on political leaders to constitutionally correct seemingly intractable human rights violations. 

By helping NGO’s call out in a more unified voice, Shae helps the global audience hear and act upon the cries of those who suffer needlessly.



Be part of a movement. 

Make an impact! Move the Global Women's Health Initiative to the next level by helping fund this initiative. Here is your chance to transform women’s lives around the world.

A healthy woman = a sustainable community.

Shae is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.