Short Term Impacts with Long Term Outcomes

We believe in solutions that help women today while paving a healthy path for the women of tomorrow.

  • Bring urgent healthcare to individual women in need worldwide

  • Educate physical therapists and communities on women's health issues

  • Invest in sustainable global women's health educational programs

  • Foster international partnerships and opportunities

  • Create message media campaigns — raise awareness and educate the global community

A healthy Woman = A Sustainable Community

The Global Women's Health Initiative was formed by caring thought leaders in the world of physical therapy and message media.

The idea formed because of a desire to cause systemic change in women's health. By understanding these urgent health issues, physical therapy education and programs can make a transformative difference in the lives of women in need. 


We have formed this exciting new partnership to bring together the top creative storytelling professionals who are going to shine a light on the heartfelt stories of how innovative world-class physical therapists and their innovative programs are causing systemic change by improving the health of women, which makes for flourishing communities.



Physical Therapy for a women with fistula,  Danja Niger

Physical Therapy for a women with fistula, Danja Niger


Airstrip outside of  Maradi

Airstrip outside of Maradi



Your donation is needed now to move Global Women's Health Initiative to the next level and enable physical therapy to become part of the transformation of women's lives around the world.

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